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Generate Custom SQL Operations On Dalyan Project

Introduction Dalyan is a single page application project template using AngularJS, ASP.NET & Web API technologies. It is the base of a web application project. It has CRUD operation example with AngularJS. Additionally, WebAPI controllers and CRUD operations are created by T4 templates. You can download it from github source codes. This post describes step… Read More »

DNX SDK Version ‘dnx-clr-win-x86.1.0.0-beta5′ Failed to Install & References Cannot Load

DNX SDK version ‘dnx-clr-win-x86.1.0.0-beta5′ failed to install. The solution will use DNX SDK version dnx-clr-win-x86.1.0.0-beta5 You receive this error when you create a new ASP.NET 5 project template. Loading project Visual Studio cannot load DNX version beta5. Install Windows Powershell 3.0 (or higher) and try to create the project again. You can see Powershell… Read More »